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About Nancy Kirkendall

Enjoy the magic of artist Nancy Kirkendall's cold wax & oil work.   Nancy's paintings emerge from her experience and interaction with her environment.  She states, “I live in the mountains. I see shadow and light fall on mountain tops and reflect on roaring creeks and waterfalls. I watch as colors melt in the Colorado sky. My paintings are studies of nature's light, shadows and reflections.” Through color, shape, and texture Nancy brings her artistic visions and insights from nature into her art.

Nancy began painting in her youth and returned to painting in the autumn of her life.  Painting is Nancy's passion.   When she paints she feels a creative energy flow through her  onto the canvas.  She has discovered the thin line between the material canvas and the spiritual creation of her art.   Nancy's hope is that you will discover the deep spaces within yourself, within nature and within art. 

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